Metal 3D printing system
Project Description

We need the prototype to be functional, if not end use

  • Description:

    Lots of various intricacies / shapes

  • End material desired:


  • Other / Details:

  • Colour:

    N/A - Metal!

  • Surface Resolution Required (3D printing resolution):

    as sharp as possible for a metal sintered part

  • What is the total work volume required (Volume W x H x L, m / mm) ?:


  • Additional product information:

  • What type of solution do you need:

    Equipment, mounting brackets, technical support & training - we dont know how to use any of the equipment but want to know how

  • Does it need to meet any standards (eg CFR 21 Part 11, ATEX, CE, please state all that apply):

    All the European standards

  • Do you need the equipment to be new or used:


  • Are there any environmental conditions the equipment needs to withstand:

    No - apart from the final product produced

  • Do you need after sales technical support, if so, how long for:

    At least 2 years

  • At least how long do you need the warranty to be:

    At least 2 years

  • Additional project details:

No proposals placed yet.
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