There are two cells that need an automated connection
Project Description

As above, there’s too much handling /forklifts at the moment

  • Description:

    Big bulks

  • Shape (if not standard):


  • Total Volume Dimensions (attach drawings to the previous section):

    various (500x500x600mm max)

  • Material type:

    Other (please specify below)

  • Other / Details:

  • Colour:

  • Surface texture:


  • Max Weight:


  • Additional product information:

  • Do you need a synchronous or non-synchronous system?:

    Don't Know

  • Additional product handling information:

  • What type of solution do you need:

    Equipment & technical support - we kind of know how it all works

  • Does it need to meet any standards (eg CFR 21 Part 11, ATEX, CE, please state all that apply):

  • Do you need the equipment to be new or used:


  • Are there any environmental conditions the equipment needs to withstand:

  • Do you need after sales technical support, if so, how long for:

    as long as possible

  • At least how long do you need the warranty to be:

    2 years

  • Additional project details:

No proposals placed yet.
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