Why is a ROBOT 6-Axis

(Why does a robot have 6 axes?)


It’s simple, the Robot can rotate in 6 different locations (to the horizontal or vertical planes).

  • Axis 1 – At its base, typically this makes it rotate through 360degrees.
  • Axis 2 – The first “knuckle”, this typically raises or lowers the rest of the arm… by pivoting about this point.
  • Axis 3 – The second knuckle. The rotation plane on this is normally the same as Axis 2. Providing greater fine tuning of the height/reach.
  • Axis 4 – The rotation on this is typically the same as Axis 1 (same plane).
  • Axis 5 – Another knuckle that’s in the same plane as Axis 2 and 3.
  • Axis 6 – Another rotation knuckle (same as Axis 4 and 1)

This video from RobotWorx explains it succinctly: