A packaging system to load products into boxes from a conveyor
Project Description

A product handling and boxing system

  • Large product type:


  • Description:

    The box size is yet to be determined

  • Shape (if not standard):

  • Total Volume Dimensions (attach drawings to the previous section):


  • Material type:


  • Other / Details:

  • Surface texture:


  • Max Weight:


  • Additional product information:

  • Continuous or indexed / intermittent (or other):


  • Part throughput (number of items per minute / second) ... or N/A:

    40 per minute

  • Linear line speed (m/min) - (have a look at the link above if you don't know how to calculate this... otherwise, ignore this):

  • Dwell time (only for indexed / intermittent operations):

  • Environment (is it humid / dry / wet)?:


  • Temperature … is it ambient / hot / cold?:


  • Additional Production Line Information:

  • How will the product be presented (eg will an operator be presenting the part or will it be positioned in a fixture (either by an operator, or a robot):

    on a conveyor

  • How will the product be oriented (can it be upside down? Through 360 degrees?):

    upright, but in random orientations on rotation

  • What type of solution do you need:

    Equipment, mounting brackets, technical support & training - we dont know how to use any of the equipment but want to know how

  • Does it need to meet any standards (eg CFR 21 Part 11, ATEX, CE, please state all that apply):

    CE Standards

  • Do you need the equipment to be new or used:


  • Are there any environmental conditions the equipment needs to withstand:

  • Do you need after sales technical support, if so, how long for:

    for as long as possible!

  • At least how long do you need the warranty to be:

    2 years

  • Additional project details:

No proposals placed yet.
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