Add a bead to a metal profile Sealed Bidding
Project Description

We’re not sure what width the bead will need to be, 2 or 3mm but we need it around the whole part … in one plane

  • Description:

    stamped metal sheet

  • Total Volume Dimensions (attach drawings to the previous section):


  • Type of robot:


  • Other Robot (please elaborate below):

  • Robot operation description (what's it going to do?):

    apply bead

  • What type of coordinate frame do you need (select:

    Not sure / Not listed

  • What is the total work envelope size (Volume W x H x L, m / mm) ?:


  • Number of degrees of freedom required (ignore if you don't know)?:


  • What end effector is needed?:

    Other Material handling effector

  • Other end effector (what do you need on the end of the robot)?:

  • What payload does it need to handle, not including the end effector (g/kg):


  • What is the total reach that’s needed (m / mm) ?:


  • How precise does the system need to be (m/mm/micrometers)?:


  • What level of repeatability is needed (m/mm/micrometers)?:


  • Is there a space restriction. ie whats the maximum volume the whole thing can take up? (W x H x L, m / mm):


  • How fast do you need the robot to be ? (robot arm velocity m/s or mm/s):

    whole part in 50seconds

  • What cycle time is needed? (minutes / seconds):

    50 seconds

  • Any additional robot information ?:

  • What type of solution do you need:

    Equipment, mounting brackets, technical support & training - we dont know how to use any of the equipment but want to know how

  • Does it need to meet any standards (eg CFR 21 Part 11, ATEX, CE, please state all that apply):


  • Do you need the equipment to be new or used:


  • Are there any environmental conditions the equipment needs to withstand:


  • Do you need after sales technical support, if so, how long for:

    at least 5 years

  • At least how long do you need the warranty to be:

    at least 2 years

  • Additional project details:

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