Communication speed required

How quickly do you need the information to be communicated from the system.

Job information input

 How will the information (if any) be communicated to the system?
  • Analogue trigger
  • Binary signals
  • Digital trigger
  • Stored in the system – no external input required
  • Obtains from a network or broadcast system
  • Read from a barcode or 2D code
If its anything else, specify it in the next field.

Input trigger signal

What will be used to trigger the system?
  • External analogue trigger
  • External digital trigger
  • Internal triggering
  • Not required (continuous)

What information do you need to feed to the system

Give us an idea of the size, and variety of information that the system will need to receive.

Encoder input or fixed speed

Is the production speed going to vary ? If so, ideally an encoder will communicate this to the system. If not, then it will run at a fixed speed.

Output required

What output is required (you can specify the details in a field further on)
  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Other (Specify it in the next field)

How many digital inputs / outputs do you need

If you need multiple digital outputs from the system, state how many here, and then let us know what you need each of them to do in the next field.

What information do you need from the system

Let us know what output(s) you need from the system here

Additional Communication & Data Processing Requirements

Add anything else you feel is important for us to know over here