Wondering what small bits to get an engineer for xmas, wonder no more … here’s a quick list we put together for you.

Radio controlled helicopters (some of which can record video and be controlled with an app on a phone !).

Remote Control Helicopters

Amazon has the one we tried out (with the camera and phone app)
Here are a few links to other sites that can cater for your requirements:

A 3D printer that they can make them self!

3D Printer you can make yourself!

Its the biggest craze at the moment, and prices are constantly dropping … its on the more expensive side on our list, but a great toy if you can afford it. Maplins have got a cracking offer at £699 (Dec 2013), here’s the link http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/velleman-k8200-3d-printer-kit-n82qg

A retro geek light

A Space invaders light!

Whether its tetris
space invadors
or even this cool stormtrooper light
They’re bound to appreciate something different for their bedside table in their xmas stocking
We hope that helps, please let us know if you know of any better suggestions

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