Crane, Chain or Screw conveyor (Overhead and tube conveyors only)?


What carriers / hooks do you need (Overhead conveyors only)?


Closed track or open track (Overhead conveyors only)?

Do you need the system to be completely closed (with only the hooks visible / accessible)? Closed systems are safer because the components of the conveyor cant be accessed (no operators fingers lost!) and work very well in paint environments as the paint can’t get onto any of the conveyor system (this can be a problem because the paint build up over time will stop the conveyor from operating correctly)

Synchronous or non-synchronous?

How will the system need to be mounted (Overhead conveyors only)? 

Belt, Modular or Roller (Floor conveyors only)?

Width (mm/m)

Length (mm/m)

Height of conveyor (mm/m)

If the conveyor is on one level, what height should it be? If its an overhead conveyor, specify what height the hooks should be from the ground. If the conveyor is to move product to different levels, what is the height difference ?

Free, Powered or Gravity fed?

Continuous or indexed / intermittent?

Linear line speed required (m/min)

Dwell time – If intermittent/indexed, what is the dwell time required (unless trigger is needed) – in minutes/seconds

Part throughput required (number of items per minute / second)

Is a variable speed required? (m/min; mm/sec)

Is a ramp up/ramp down time critical, if so, what is it?