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How it works for solution providers

[wpcol_1third]Qualifying every enquiry can be very time consuming and wasteful. [/wpcol_1third]

[wpcol_2third_end]Sending sales engineers / project reps out to each potential job can cost quite a lot in fuel & expenses so qualifying the project at an earlier stage can really help. Customers are internet savvy so they often know more than the sales reps themselves![/wpcol_2third_end]
Let us help you find out exactly what they need so you can focus on preparing for what makes your offering unique. AutomateMe delivers confirmed project leads with information that helps you create the proposal their looking for. Our feedback system helps build your kudos so that others know exactly what your capable of.
We charge a small amount for each budgetary bid on a qualified lead (these range from £1.99 for a basic systems to £14.99 for all singing, all dancing systems) … of course you are more than welcome to discuss the project with the project poster via the messaging system on the website, for free, before you place the budgetary bid.