What type of code needs to be read

These are the most common options … EAN-13 / EAN-8 / UPC-A / UPC-E / Code 128 / ITF / Code 39 / GS1 Databar / Aztec / Codablock F / Code 16K / Code 49 / DataMatrix / Maxicode / Micro PDF417 / Micro QR Code / PDF417 / QR Code / Truncated PDF417
Are there any of these?

How is the information marked onto the product

We need to know this to figure out what lighting / presentation techniques to use to expose the code. Is it direct part marked using laser marking or dot peened / scribing techniques? or is it inkjetted / Labelled.

How big is the code

How big is the information or barcode that needs to be captured, be sure to account for the total area of everything that needs to be read.

Number of lines of information 

How many lines of information needs to be read

Character height

How tall are the characters ?

Character width

… and their width (approximations will do)

How big is the field of view

Where can the characters / codes lie ? ie … how big is the region they could lie in!

What is the contrast like

Is it black on white ? this is crucial to knowing what type of technology you need to detect it. If it helps convey it, attach an image in the last section!

How far away will the reader need to be

Can the reader be within millimeters ?  or meters ?

Will the code be moving or stationary

Although you’ve probably iterated this in the production line information section, re-iterate it here … is it moving? if so, how fast ? if its not, how long will it be still (in position) for ?

Additional information

Anything else you think would be useful?