How big does the label need to be

Rounded / Square Corners

Do you need rounded or square corners (if you need something else not included in the list, describe it in the last section

Label Colour

What colour does the label need to be


What sort of finish would you like for the surface (matt / smooth / shiny)

Abrasion Resistance

How long do you need the label (and print) to last
  • Digestive biscuit dunk
  • Finger rub
  • Finger scratch
  • Supermarket shopping trolley bash
  • Metal manufacturing scrapes
  • Metal bashing
  • Extended intensive wear and tear

Marking Method

How would you like the label to be marked

Print Colour Required

Do you need any colour in the print (only applies to thermal & inkjet printing)

Print Requirements

Detail as much as you can about what needs to be printed here, you can attach any images to the last section

Additional Information

Add anything else you think the solution provider needs to know to be able to deliver a solution