Message detail

Let us know what you want in your message (the next few fields will help you specify what you need, but give us an overall feel for whats needed here)

Number of lines of text

How many lines of text do you need created? (this is mainly needed for inkjet applications)

Number of characters

How many characters are needed (we need to know this so that we can produce the total print in time)

Fixed or variable text

Will the text be fixed (ie you need to print exactly the same thing on each product) or variable (ie the print will need to change for each product – eg serial numbers or best before dates)

Character height

What character height would you like? (please specify the units – eg mm)

Character width

… and the character width ? (this can be an average)

Code required

Do you need a 2D code or linear barcode to be marked on the product as well ?

Image or logo required

Do you need a logo, or an image on the product as well (if so, you can attach the image in the last section)

Dry time

Is there a specific dry time needed with the marking (this is only relevant to ink and thermal print applications)

Type of marking required

This only applies to laser marking – what type of marking do you need ? the options are Engraved,  Annealed, or Surface Removal

Abrasion resistance required

How resistant do you need the marking to be?
Digestive biscuit dunk / Finger rub / Finger scratch / Supermarket shopping trolley bash / Metal manufacturing scrapes / Metal bashing / Extended intensive wear and tear / The life of the product

Chemical resistance required

Will the code need to be resistant to any chemicals?

Extraction system required

Some marking systems can produce dust or vapours that can be hazardous in enclosed environments, so extraction systems are needed to avoid this. Will you need one ?

Additional information

Add any additional information in this section