If you know exactly what type of positioning equipment you need please select it from the list

If you know what you need, select it from the list of options:
  • Linear slide
  • Lift table
  • Linear rail – Single Axis
  • Linear X- Y Table
  • Rack and pinion slide
  • Rotary index table
  • Tilt table
  • Turn table
  • Z – Stage Table

How many axis of movement do you need, and in which direction(s)

Specify the number of axis of movement you need, and what direction it needs to be in.

How much movement do you need

Specify the distances needed in the movement(s)

If the movements are indexed, what are the distances between each index, and in which direction

If you have an indexed operation (eg a rotary table) specify the distances that the product needs to move, and in which direction (eg 10 degrees, clockwise when looking from above)

How accurate do you need the positioning to be

Specify the accuracy required from the positioning here

How quickly do you need the positioning to happen, or what speeds do you need in each axis

Specify the speed(s) of the positioning required here

Additional positioning equipment requirements

State any additional requirements here