Product Type

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A gas-tight, pressure-resistant container with a valve and propellant. When the valve is opened, propellant forces the product from the container in a fine or coarse spray pattern or stream. (e.g., a spray can dispensing paint, furniture polish, etc, under pressure). It does not include atomizers, because atomizers do not rely on a pressurised container to propel product from the container.


A preformed, flexible container, generally enclosed on all but one side, which forms an opening that may or may not be sealed after filling.

Blister Pack

A type of packaging in which the item is secured between a preformed (usually transparent plastic) dome or “bubble” and a paperboard surface or “carrier.” Attachment may be by stapling, heat-sealing, gluing, or other means. In other instances, the blister folds over the product in clam-shell fashion to form an enclosing container. Blisters are most usually thermoformed from polyvinyl chloride; however, almost any thermoplastic can be thermoformed into a blister.


A container having a round neck of relatively smaller diameter than the body and an opening capable of holding a closure for retention of the contents. Specifically, a narrow-necked container as compared with a jar or wide-mouth container. The cross section of the bottle may be round, oval, square, oblong, or a combination of these. Bottles generally are made of glass or plastics, but can also be earthenware or metal. Bottle may be disposable, recyclable, returnable, or reusable.


A non-specific term used to refer to a rigid, three-dimensional container with closed faces that completely enclose its contents and may be made out of any material. Even though some boxes might be reused or become resealed they could also be disposable depending on the product hierarchy.


Metallic and generally cylindrical container of unspecified size which can be used for items of consumer and institutional sizes.


A flat package to which the product is hung or attached for display


A non-specific term for a re-closable container used mostly for perishable foods (e.g. eggs, fruit).


A non-specific term for a container designed to hold, house, and sheath or encase its content while protecting it during distribution, storage and/or exhibition. Cases are mostly intended to store and preserve its contents during the product’s entire lifetime.


A flat-bottomed container that has a base of any shape and which may or not be closed with a lid. Usually made of paper, plastic or other materials these
containers are typically used to contain mostly (but not exclusively) foods such as ice cream, margarine, yogurt, sour cream, confections, etc.

Flexible Pouch

A preformed, flexible container, generally enclosed with a gusset seal at the bottom of the pack can be shaped/arranged to allow the pack to stand on

Flow Wrap

The process of enclosing all or part of an item with layers of flexible wrapping material

Liquid / Gas

Self explanatory!

Gable Top

Gable-tops are per definition not stackable as their top has always a protuberance that prevents them to be staked. Note that the term “Gable-top” is used almost exclusively for containers for comestible perishable liquids such as juice, milk, yoghurts, etc.


Small Grains or Particles

Rolled & Folded


Stick Pack


A shallow container, which may or may not have a cover, used for displaying or carrying items.


A shallow container, which may or may not have a cover, used for displaying or carrying items.



Other (please specify below)


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Shape (if not standard)

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Web Width (only applicable to web applications)

The width of the web

Web Thickness (only applicable to web applications)

The thickness of the web

Material Type

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Other / Details

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Surface Finish


Additional Information

Descriptions on the Product Types … ie the Packaging Types, Packaging Materials and Platform Types were sourced from this GS1 pdf.

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