This whole section only applies if the product is moving on a conveyor at the point where the automation system is required. The questions have been designed for typical applications within the category. If they don’t quite fit, skip them ! … or head straight to the “Project Requirements” section at the end (Alternatively, select “An Automation Project” if none of the categories apply at all).

Continuous or Indexed Movement

How does the conveyor system operate, continuously or indexed (moving a predetermined distance, stopping for a predetermined amount of time, and then repeating)

Linear line speed

This mainly applies to continuous movement operations, but the line speed during the move on the index operation may be required if the automation is required to happen during this time. Normally this would be specified in meters per min (m/min). Please specify the units if it is not.

Part throughput

How many parts per hour/minute/second are processed (or required) in your project?

Dwell time

This only applies to indexed / intermittent operations. How long is the product stationary for?


What is the environment like ? is it outside and open to the elements ? Is it outside but sheltered? humid? dry? wet ? This can affect the way machinery operates so describe as much a you can.


… is it ambient / hot / cold? (We only need to know the exact temperature for extreme conditions)

Additional Information

Let us know anything else you think the solution provider should know.

Product Presentation

How will the product be presented eg will an operator be presenting the part or will it be positioned in a fixture (either by an operator, or a robot)