Type of robot?

What will the robot be used for? If its not in this list add it in the next “other robot” section

Robot operation description

Describe, in as much detail as possible, what the robot needs to do. Be sure to include all of the cycle operations and any potential variations.

What type of Coordinate frame do you need?

What coordinate frame system do you need?  Cartesian / Cylindrical / Sperical / Articulated / SCARA
Learn more about the different co-ordinate frames in our new Learn section!

What is the total work envelope size?

What are the distances of the points representing  the maximum extent or reach of the robot hand or working tool in all directions.

Number of degrees of freedom required?

What are the the number of independently controllable motions you need within the robot (as with all of the sections, dont worry if you don’t know this)

What end effector is needed?

This is the “hand” of the robot, what do you need it to do? If its not in this list, specify it in the following “other end effector” section

What payload does it need to handle?

The payload is the weight the robot that carry whilst still remaining within its other specifications (eg accuracy and speed). How heavy does this need to be (this is critical when the end effector has to carry different weights)

What is the total reach that’s needed?

The reach is the maximum distance a robot can reach within its work envelope, what does this need to be ?

How precise does the system need to be?

Precision, defined as how accurately a specified point can be reached … what will this need to be?

What level of repeatability is needed?

The repeatability of the robot is how accurate the same position can be reached of the motion repeated many times. Repeatability is more important than precision! If a robot is not precise, it will generally show a consistent error, which can be predicted and thus corrected using programming. If the error is random, it cannot be predicted and thus cannot be eliminated.
What does this need to be ?
Learn more about the repeatability of robots in our new Learn section!

Is there a total space restriction?

If the total space available for the whole system is very restricted, please specify how big this is here.

How fast do you need the robot to be?

If a specific speed is required (robot speed, not cycle speed … ie the velocity of the arm) specify it here.

What cycle time is needed?

Specify the total cycle time (takt time) that is needed with the system