Typically the specification of a vision system will depend on a few critical parameters, all of which are summarised in the image below.


Selection criteria for industrial vision systems
This image was sourced from http://www.vision-doctor.co.uk/systems.html
To be able to source your system, you need to tie down these parameters by figuring out what you want to do. The questions asked during project creation on our site help you figure out most of this, we go into greater detail with what vision systems do in this section.

Manufacturing operation verification

The vast majority of vision applications check for assembly / manufacturing verification. This video summarises this quite well.

Measurement / gauging systems

In this application two smart cameras are measuring the dimensions of holes in metal plates


Robot pick and place applications

This is a pretty impressive set up that uses a PC based system, Logitech 9000 webcams and a Microsoft® Kinect sensor to locate and pick boxes placed randomly on a pallet … and transfers them to a conveyor.